Ilve brings Italian quality all over the world



Ilve, historical Italian company of cooking home appliances, presents a performant oven, also able to make pizza. This solution is present in a range of models, that includes classical or design versions and others kind of ovens. The main characteristic of these products is the opportunity to reach quickly 400°, such as the professional ovens of the restaurants. This is why the consumer can prepare a pizza in 3 minutes and with the Pizza Party function can also make several pizzas in series. Safety and quality are guaranteed by the specific know-how in gas and electric household cooking appliances of Ilve, that creates appliances with a mix of advanced technology and elegant design All products are manufactured according to International Standards and their quality is continously controlled by world major Certification Institutes. Ilve products are certified to CE and CSA standards allowing them free entry to all Member Countries within the European Union and other major world markets like Usa.