Golden award for Gorenje built-in ovens



Gorenje was awarded by the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) that assigned the national awards for the most innovative companies and innovators at enterprises and public research institutes. The company won the golden award for the new generation of built-in ovens. Presented at the last edition of IFA, these new Gorenje’s appliances have been launched in most markets across the globe. Despite being among the largest in the market in terms of cavity volume, the innovative technology they employ keeps power consumption of the new generation built-in ovens very low. They have been developed in two versions, differing by height: in addition to the standard 60-centimetre design, there is a compact 45-centimetre version which has seen an increase in market shares. In addition, the built-in ovens by Gorenje feature the special patented cavity shape, called HomeMade, that emulates the operation of a traditional wood-fired oven. They also offer a choice of over 100 automatic cooking programs.