Polti presents five new models of Vaporella


V.lla Silence Friendly_8.80[1]Vaporella is one of the most popular products created by Polti, the Italian specialist of iron systems, vacuum cleaners and other small domestic appliances for the home cleaning, especially with steam. The new iron systems proposed maintain the same performance of the original range: dry, powerful and constant steam, that leaves garments dry, the aluminum plate with holes concentrated in the tip that eliminate any kind of pleat. The new series are even more silent and easier to use thanks to the automatic signal that indicates when you need a clean-up of the boiler.
Vaporella Silence Eco Friendly series (models 19:55, 19:50 and 14:55) has been conceived for maximum respect for the environment. In fact it can reach a reduction of water consumption up to 40% and of energy up to 35%, thanks to the ECO mode. The models of the 8.85 and 8.80 series of Vaporella Friendly, are respectively equipped with cork handle, to provide maximum comfort during long sessions of ironing, and plate with scratch-resistant ceramic.