Heating with style and elegance with Antrax IT



Zero-OttoAntrax IT is a recently founded company specialized in the production of radiators and fireplaces, characterized by cutting-edge technology and sophisticated design. Its collection is, in fact, realized by internationally renowned designers like Andrea Crosetta, Dante O. Benini and Luca Gonzo, Francesco Lucchese, Massimo Iosa Ghini, Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, Simone Micheli and Peter Rankin. The brand is now well-known in the Italian and international markets and is officially recognized by the international design community, as witnessed by the important awards received, during prestigious Italian and foreign events. Zero-Otto is an example of Antrax IT proposal of “thermo-furniture”: it is an elegant radiator that in its single version allows also to perfume the environment thanks to an integrated container of essences.