GfK: towards to a humanistic marketing



During its annual Italian meeting, held yesterday in Milan, GfK revealed the new worldly trends of consumption and behavior. What emerged from the experts’ analysis was that society is not changing, but has already changed, and in a relevant way. Population of the Old Continent has a big percentage of seniors but emerging countries have a large share of under 25 years old citizens, who are going to find new opportunities. Many people travel, visiting personally the world. All these elements create new consumers and consumption prospects. But ‘consumers’ is no more a proper word to use. Consumers are persons, individuals and, today more than ever, have a total autonomy in their choices and decisions. This trend has considerably reduced the authority of all what was considered consolidated and undiscussed: rules, politics, institutions…but also brands. Until 1955, the most important companies were 75 years old average. Today, in 2015, the most are about 15 years old. And 88% of the historical companies of 1955, today have closed. The new marketing  must be use a real humanistic approach, taking in consideration all these factors and focusing on new targets of people, that are very different among them and change any time on the basis of singular situations and needs. Certainly, everybody is looking for personal wellness, in any field, but wellness means a different thing in any different sector. It means health, security, emotion, gratification, new experience, sustainability and so on. Companies must profile their own targets, trying to satisfy these new needs in the right time.