A connected, flexible house… signed Haier

Yannick Fierling, ceo of Haier Europe
Yannick Fierling, ceo of Haier Europe

Increasingly advanced technologies, connected appliances and versatility. These are the results of  the intense research and development activity conducted by Haier, which is ready to launch many new products on the European market. All high-level items, but also affordable.
«From a large group, everybody expect great innovations and high quality products.» – explains Yannick Fierling, CEO of Haier Europe, who in an interview to a household appliances world describes the innovations that the company will present at the next edition of Ifa.
The new products range from White to Brown Goods, and are linked by a common thread: the house and all the solutions that make the home life comfortable, easy and enjoyable. From washing to cooling, from video to smartphone, until the very recent smartwatches … Haier has a solution for every need. «Solutions – the European CEO underlines – ready to be connected with the other appliances and to be remotely controlled.»
Among the most innovative products, stand out a double washing machine, which allows to wash separately two types of clothes (white and colored, for example) reducing in the same time the energy consumption; a refrigerator with three distinct areas, one of which can be transformed at will in refrigerator or freezer area; a super quiet refrigerator model, a smartwatch for children, with a button that connects the kids with the preset phone numbers. All products are carefully designed to be energy saving, user friendly and with more and more sophisticated design.
«It is essential for us – explains Fierling – to meet the specific needs of individual markets, providing customized products. This is why we maintain close contact with customers, from whom we collect any type of feedback to improve the quality of our range.»
Target for the near future is to consolidate the brand awareness and to position among the top five players in Europe. At a Group level, the results in 2014 showed a growth of 10.5% compared to 2013, reaching a turnover of 32.6 billion dollars.