Fulgor Milano presents Creative Plano Combi


FulgorCreativeCombiThe Creative Plano Combi range by Fulgor Milano can be recessed flush or semi-flush top to obtain a great flexibility in the kitchen. These products are professional appliances, which can be combined with each other, according to the user’s taste and needs. The series 40 induction surface of the line can be combined for example with other types of cooking as teppan yaki, induction wok, barbecue electric, electric fryer and two gas surfaces with single gas burner, for large cooking. This surface has been designed for the completion of the range. It has just one induction zone of cooking that is activated at any point rests the pot, irrespective of its circumference. The front sensor is insured by a single stainless steel knob that makes the device perfectly integrated in a semi-professional kitchen.