Cutting edge small domestic appliances


We selected some small domestic appliances, characterized by technology, energy saving, excellent performances. From the kitchen to the home and personal care, this is the latest news


by Simona Preda

Technology brings continuous improvements to household appliances, to make them more practical and functional in the use, easier and more immediate in the functions, but also performing in their work and therefore more in line with consumers’ demands. Not only that, they often try to create appliances that offer as low as possible consumption and that respect more the environment. Example of this are the devices that switch off automatically after a few minutes or the eco buttons to activate to reduce energy consumption.
In terms of food preparation, the multitask robot is always an handyman valuable ally, because it gathers many functions to slice, knead, mix: a valid help to process in a few minuts the ingredients for the recipes. There are also smaller and more compact devices and with fewer functions or more specialized, for example to make pasta or sweets, it depends on the use of the device the consumer intends to do. In the choice of a food preparation appliance it is advisable to pay attention to the materials quality, such as titanium steel blades, that are very durable; the planetary movement for the mixer that amalgamates food with better uniformity and effectiveness; the presence of many speed levels, to be chosen according to the type of preparation.

01-RGV grattugia REDElectric grater with professional stainless steel roller, ideal for grating in addition to cheese also bread, dried fruit, almonds and chocolate. Very practical, it has removable roller, that can be washed in the dishwasher. MAVI VIP 8G / S of RGV has stainless steel tray, intuitive keypad with safety switch that allows the appliance to work only when the lever is lowered. It is available in silver, red, ivory and black.
02-Smeg SMF01CREUThe line of small domestic appliances 50s of Smeg has received awards for its design, but also offers excellent performance. The mixer has 10 speed levels to be adjusted precisely as needed, the planetary rotary motion reaches the entire surface of the stainless steel 4.8 liter bowl, mixing the ingredients well. With the flat beater it is possible to process even the hardest ingredients, for leavened mixtures is effectively the dough hook, wire whip is instead useful to whip sweets and sauces. It has some optional accessories dedicated to pasta, to roll out the dough, cut fettuccine, noodles and spaghetti.
04-Besser SILHOUETTESilhouette machine for vacuum packing of Besser Vacuum stores food both in packing bags and cooking ones, that can be inserted, in this case, directly into the steam oven or to be cooked in bain-marie. It is equipped with practical Led display and automatic operation. It packs food also in jars. The structure is in ABS.
05-Bisva Nevada ambNevada Professional CR by Bisva is a machine for vacuum packing that offers high performance, thanks to the triple welding line which provides a highly effective sealing of the bags. It is the top range of the SICO KITCHENWARE® production and is designed for an intensive use. It also offers professional performances, thanks to the powerful pump and transformer. The patented magnetic locking system makes the user intervention minimum. It is possible to use bags, rolls and jars.
03-Foodsaver V3840 ambFoodsaver, distributed by Nital, stores with a vacuum system fresh, dry and delicate food; it also detects the presence of liquids. The device is equipped with a roll that allows to create tailor-made bags, thanks to the cutter placed inside the machine. Very easy to use, the touch panel allows to set the sealing speed and level, while the Led indicators show the process progress. It has a retractable hose to which a jar in connected to store food. It can be placed vertically, saving space.
06-Electrolux Slow Cooker ambSlow Cooker by Electrolux is ideal for preparing food with slow cooking. It is made in steel and the inside ceramic pot is removable and washable in the dishwasher, as well as the tempered glass cover. It is equipped with touch controls display, timer and presets cookings: slow, medium, soup and heating. The slow cooking retains vitamins and nutrients of food, making plates more tasty and allows to extract in a more concentrated way the meat juices. It also requires less added fat.
07-Hotpoint 10 chef Cooking Machine10 chef by Hotpoint is a cooking machine that has ten preparation methods: cooking, steaming, boiling, mixing, emulsifying, blending, chopping, amalgamating, kneading cakes and crushing ice. It has several automatic programs to make from risotto to sauces, slow cooking, ideal for making preparations tasty, soft and juicy. It is made in stainless steel, it is programmable and has a cover with a hole to activate, if necessary, the stirrer.

Cooking machines
Cooking machines are the big news in recent months: they are devices that allow you to cook in different ways and, in some cases, also to prepare some ingredients. We could define them as the evolution of the robot that becomes even more multifunctional: in addition to cut, knead and mix, it cooks, braises, fries, browns, steams. With an appliance like this it is possible to prepare everything, even the risotto, and make a complete meal. Some devices seem instead pots, but are electric, and also allow the slow cooking, method that enhances the food flavors and, as in the case of meat, extracts all the natural juices in the best way, keeping it softer and more juicy.
To preserve and enhance the flavors vacuum machines are very useful. Even household models have become tools of great effectiveness and performance, and are also practical to use. After placing food in suitable resistant bags, the device removes all the air and seals them; in fact, once all the oxygen has been removed, the proliferation of bacteria is slowed and food does not oxidize, keeping intact its taste, whether it is raw and it has been cooked. At this point, food can be stored for a longer time and it is possible to cook it also through a steam oven or with a low-temperature cooking with boiling water.
Cooking machines are perfect for those who want to speed up the kitchen operations, but also for those seeking help to spend less time near the stove. Another good example of useful, multifunctional and fast appliance is the microwave oven which, if features complete functions and is technologically advanced, allows to cook from appetizer to dessert: vegetables, fish, meat, snacks, pizza, quiche, omelettes, pasta and rice, but also sweets and biscuits. It also ensures reduced times compared to other cooking methods. They are practical also for those who prefer healthy cooking, because with models equipped with steam function it is possible to cook without added fats, using the appropriate pan and adding a little water: vegetables, fish and fruit are cooked, maintaining their flavors and aromas. To give flavor but using few condiments is also what fryers allow to do. Using one only tablespoon of oil, they create tasty fried food but with much less fats: this is ​​possible thanks to the combination of a swirl of very hot air and a grill, which make food crisp outside and soft inside.

08-Hells Kitchen Ceramic GrillThe electric grill with ceramic plate allows to cook food without adding fat, in a most healthy way. Ceramic Grill by Hell's Kitchen, distributed by Termozeta, has an extra-large cooking surface, cm 38,5x28,5, brushed stainless steel structure, folding splash guards and a handy removable bowl where fats are collected. Temperature can be adjusted with the knob.
With its patented Rapid Air technology, which consists of a very hot air whirlwind inside the cooking area and a grill, it is enough to use one only tablespoon of oil to get crispy outside and soft inside fried food. It also allows to make roast chicken with potatoes, grill fillets and chicken breasts, bake muffins, cakes, Parmesan, gratin, heat and defrost. The new XL version of Airfryer by Philips has the container that offers 50% more capacity. 09-Philips Avance_AirfryerXL_HD9240
The JetChef premium microwave by Whirlpool allows to cook everything, from appetizer to dessert, in a fast and homogeneous way, thanks to the distribution of 3D waves and to the 6th Sense technology. It also has 90 preset recipes and it is possible to create ten personal ones. Thanks to the Crisp® function and to the appropriate plates preparations result crispy and golden and it is possible to make pizza too. For those who prefer light and genuine food, you can activate the steam function. It perfectly defrosts bread and bakes like a ventilated oven. 10-Whirlpool JetChef premium amb
Gourmet Sous-vide by Reber cooks with a vacuum system with nine preset programs for vegetables, meat (roast and blood), fish, fruit and five customizable ones. The steel cover has the side collection of the condensation, avoiding that the water temperature, maintained by a resistance, changes. The cooking is optimal also thanks to the temperature probe. 11-Reber Gourmet Sous-vide
Summer is the ideal season for beverages, frozen smoothie, milkshake, sauces and fruit juices. To make them well mixed and homogeneous Artisan magnetic operation blender by KitchenAid is the ideal solution. The mixing system Diamond and the stainless steel blades, creating a powerful vortex inside the diamond – shaped jug, blend fruit and vegetables. It has four preset programs, jug with ergonomic handle and hermetic closure cover. It is available in various colors. 12-Kitchenaid Frullatore magnetico
The juice extractor L500 by Panasonic preserves the nutrients contained in fruits and vegetables and allows to prepare juices, ice recipes and cocktails. It presses and squeezes the ingredients gently, respecting the nutrients, their natural color and making flavors natural and tasty. Thanks to an accessory it is possible to process easily frozen food to make ice cream or fresh fruit sorbets. 13-Panasonic
Cremosa by G3Ferrari, distributed by Trevidea, prepares creamy ice cream and delicious sorbets in less than 60 minutes. There is no need to precool the bowl, and the ingredients can be added at room temperature through the practical cover, without interrupting the working cycle. After the end of processing the temperature is maintained for 60 minutes. The bowl can be removed, the Lcd display shows the processing stages, controllable through the transparent porthole. 14-G3Ferrari Trevidea Cremosa

Coffee machines, extractors and irons
Even in coffee machines improvements are evident, as some allow now to make a quality espresso, full-bodied and with the cream of the right consistency to satisfy the taste: this is possible thanks to the combination of several factors such as temperature, pressure, extraction group and brew.  Furthermore, the coffee machines are always more practical: the models with capsules are very easy to use and clean, thanks to the drawer in which the capsules are collected and the presence of only one or two buttons;  automatic models offer the possibility of making different preparations of coffee and of customizing much its preparation. Coffee is drunk in any season, but summer is also the season of smoothies, fruit juices, refreshing drinks, as well as ice creams. To preserve the nutrients contained in fruits and vegetables the juice extractor is effective, because squeezes the ingredients gently, respecting their nutrients, their natural color and making flavors natural and tasty.
Ease of use, as well as performance, are important elements for each appliance, which therefore can not be lacking in the devices for ironing. Examples are the technologies that regulate themselves according to the type of fabric and that are able to recognize it and adjust the temperature of the plate, without damaging the clothes and ironing them at best. But they also pay great attention to the materials quality, to fight the limestone, the greatest enemy of the internal parts, and to facilitate the sliding of the plate.

15-Bialetti Cuore_RossaCuore by Bialetti is the first suspended espresso machine: its soft lines draw a heart resting on a satin steel support. The original design is combined with quality technological characteristics, as the patented brewing group that ensures perfect coffee extraction, enhancing the mixtures of Bialetti capsules – I Caffè d’Italia (Coffee of Italy), making the coffee full bodied and velvety. Very easy to use, after 10 minutes it is not in use, energy saving stand-by mode is activated. It is available in red or white.
16-Lavazza Espria_PlusEspria Plus by Lavazza, created in partnership with Electrolux, uses the A Modo Mio capsules and is intuitive and easy to use, a touch is enough to get an espresso or a long coffee. The metallic gray color with metallic paint, the water tank with transparent cover and the grid for the cups in steel with rounded lines give it an elegant design. It has the descaling indicator for a perfect espresso every time and the automatic shutdown after 9 minutes of inactivity to save energy.

17-Saeco Philips Gran_Baristo_HD8965_01GranBaristo by Philips Saeco is super automatic, equipped with ceramic grinders to grind the coffee beans for an impeccable espresso. 16 are the different specialties of coffee that you can get: from a creamy cappuccino to a strong coffee, light, American or coffee cream, thanks to the coffee group VariPresso that automatically adjusts the pressure to meet the types of coffee extraction. Very practical, it has the coffee group removable with a single finger, and it is possible to store your favorite type of drink.
18-Hoover IronflowIronflow by Hoover uses Airflow Techology, an innovative system that changes the hot air flow to convey it in a fan located on the back of the iron and direct it sideways, breaking down the perceived heat around the handle and making the ironing operations more comfortable. The performances are high: the ceramic plate allows a good flow on any type of fabric, the Stability System ensures a perfect balance of iron also standing.
19-Michelini DONNA AVANTGARDEThe ironing system Donna Avantgarde A 4XA by Michelini has the boiler made with copper that ensures the double advantage of avoiding the creation of limestone and of consuming less electricity. The iron has a monolithic plate, built with 70% more aluminum and without seals, therefore more resistant. It also does not drip. The steam is drier, it softens fabrics preparing them for ironing and it dries completely, leaving the clothes well ironed and dry. All stages of production take place in Italy and 99% of the used components are Italian.
20-Philips PerfectCare Elite  GC9620PerfectCare Elite GC9620 by Philips is an iron with steam generator equipped with Optimal TEMP technology, fast and powerful in producing steam and effective in ironing well even delicate clothes without the need to adjust the temperature, because it regulates itself according to the fabric. The iron is lightweight and easy to handle and the T-ionicGlide plate has patented coating that makes the ironing very fluently. Thanks to ECO mode it allows to economize the consumptions.
21-Johnson oilThe peculiarity of the Oil hairdryer by Johnson Elettrodomestici is the possibility to have a vaporizer filter for oils which, when inserted in the air concentrator, allows to vaporize the oil and spread it on the hair in the form of steam. Spraying oil while drying hair contributes to rejuvenate, strengthen, revitalize, moisturize and brighten the hair. It is powerful, has two speeds, three levels of temperature and the cold air button.

In the field of cleaning technology is very advanced and tends to push always ahead.  Examples are compact brooms, that answer the demand for appliances that save space, but at the same time provide high performance, thanks to powerful and effective suction systems and to materials that capture even the most microscopic dirt. Appliances that can be used on all surfaces and that have highly effective filtering systems that retain what capture without causing allergies. Another element that is not neglected is the produced noise, so that solutions have been studied that reduce it to make household cleaning less invasive and annoying, under this point of view. For those who prefer the automations, robots are becoming more and more performing, autonomous and intelligent: they are more and more able to map the area where intervening, capturing dirt in corners too, overcoming obstacles, to help us in household cleaning.
Steam has an important role in the cleaning field, since it has a powerful degreasing and sanitizing action, it is also able to dissolve grease stains and neutralizes bacteria and germs. Technological research has improved these devices both in the steam production speed and in the drying phase; in fact, both on the floors and on the glasses, it is more practical that the liquid is sucked to avoid leaving marks or lines. So even cleaning becomes less tiring and with better results: it is enough to have the right equipment.

22-Trabo NAUTILUSNautilus by Trabo is a hairdryer that does not go unnoticed, having the ABS body covered with soft silicone rubber. It features a removable air filter, has two speeds and three temperatures to take the best care of the hair. The air conveyor is reversible and has a practical hook for hanging. Design Piero Russi.
Compact, powerful and very effective against dirt, V6 Fluffy by Dyson is a vacuum cleaner equipped with a roller of the same width of the brush, covered with a soft material, made with nylon and carbon fiber filaments, which also capture the thinnest dust. It is practical on all types of floors and also reaches the corners. The excellent performance is guaranteed by the digital motor and by the 2 Tier Radial ™cyclonic technology. It is wireless and rechargeable.
24-Samsung Powerbot-vr9000The Powerbot VR9000 robot by Samsung removes microscopic dust, but also human and animal hair, thanks to the Digital Inverter technology and the CyclonForce system. A sensor scans the surfaces in detail, identifying any obstacles within a wide area and reducing at minimum the blind spots; moreover it moves easily thanks to the wheels, without being impeded by cables or carpets fringes. It moves autonomously and is programmable, but is also equipped with the remote control. It is rechargeable.
Silence DeLuxe Vacuum Cleaner by Princess is a powerful vacuum cleaner but equipped with solutions that reduce noises, because emits only 69 dB. It features a multifunction high-efficiency brush for floors and carpets, 7 meters long cable that allows a range of 19 meters. The suction power is adjustable, also ideal for delicate fabrics, such as curtains or sofas. The filtering system has 8-stage with Hepa filter, making the air clean and avoiding respiratory tract irritation. 25-Princess Vacuum Cleaner Silence DeLuxe
Unico by Polti combines the multicyclonic suction power to the sanitizing power of steam. It is a bagless vacuum cleaner that can suck up dry dirt and liquids. It can be used on all surfaces: from carpets/moquette to the most delicate floors such as parquet, to the hard floors such as tiles and marble. Thanks to the 5 stages of filtration it retains the smallest particles, preventing allergies. There are three versions with different accessories, such as window cleaner and tools for cleaning furniture. 26-Polti Unico
The Scooba 450 floor washing machine by iRobot, distributed by Nital, is practical to use and effective in cleaning. It sweeps the floor and wet it, then goes on carefully rubbing the surface and ends sucking water present in the area to make the washing perfect. Thanks to iAdapt® navigation technology, it moves easily avoiding carpets, stairs and obstacles. It has two cleaning programmed cycles and can be used on tiles, vinyl, marble, slate, stone and sealed wood. 27-iRobot Scooba450 amb
Folletto VG100 by Vorwerk makes the glasses cleaning more practical, because it cleans and sucks water preventing the creation of stripes and halos. The supplied microfiber cloth releases water and detergent and cleans, with one only passing, an area of about 20 square meters. It's small and easy to handle and has an ergonomic handle, but is also equipped with extension for the upper glass zones. It has a rechargeable battery.28-Vorwerk_vg100 amb