Ceced: Italian style means qualified products

Franco Secchi, vice President Whirlpool Emea, and Ceced Italia president
Franco Secchi, vice President Whirlpool Emea, and Ceced Italia president

During the general meeting of Confindustria Ceced Italia, the Italian association of manufacturers of household and professional appliances, Franco Secchi, vice President Whirlpool Emea, was confirmed president for the period 2015-2018. Four vice presidents were also elected: Manuela Soffientini (managing director of Electrolux Italy), delegated for industrial policies and institutional relations; Antonella Ferrara (managing director of Ols) for relations with SMEs; Gian Luca Littarru (general manager refrigeration of Whirlpool Emea), for energy and the environment; Riccardo Remedi (managing director of Faber), for market surveillance.
Italian household and professional appliances sector continues to invest in export and innovation in a negative and difficult context. It is also living a very significant transformation from mass entry level production to an increasingly qualified high range manufacturing, that characterized the Italian Lifestyle.
Another important element that distinguishes the Italian appliances production is energy efficiency: today 70% of household appliances produced in Italy are very efficient and environmentally friendly. The added value of Italian design, combined with the technology, is also evident in the increase (+16.6%) of exports of cooking hobs in the first quarter 2015.