Compasso d’Oro: submission deadline at the end of April



30th April 2015 will be the deadline for the applications of the first edition of Compasso d’Oro International Award.  This year theme is ‘Design for Food and Nutrition’ and is dedicated to design as a tool for sustainable innovation and development (in the economic, social, environmental and cultural senses) of food production, distribution and visual communication systems and food consumption. The competition is addressed to both designers and companies. An international jury will present awards to the best products, processes and services related to food, the most innovative tools and techniques regarding production, processing, preparation, displaying and selling of foodstuffs, the most effective methods for distribution and consumption, including distribution sites, marketing support and communication tools, in a range of categories.
The Award also includes an international version of the Targa Giovani (Youth Section) which is reserved for young designers undergoing training in University-level design schools. For this first edition the Targa Giovani carries a financial prize of 30,000 euro.