Wizard, the WiFi collection by HOOVER



Candy SimplyFi was only the beginning. Now Candy, the famous Italian home appliances company, launches Wizard, a new WiFi products collection, signed with its other very popular brand, Hoover. Hoover Wizard is a range of appliances, including washing machines, dish washers, refrigerators, ovens, hobs and hoods, perfectly connected and remote controlled.

As simplyFi Candy, an App for smartphones, tablets and PC lets the user set up and program the appliances even from outside the home, controlling and monitoring their operation and power consumption. It is enough to create one valid account for the whole family, accessible from different devices. Washing machines, dish washers and ovens are equipped with the Programme Wizard function that allows to choose the most suitable program for the specific appliance. So the user can select the best washing cycle for his/her clothes and fabrics or the cooking program for a particular kind of recipe. And this is only an example of what the Hoover Wizard home appliances can do.