SMEG is technical partner of the Food Innovation Program



The Food Innovation Program conceived at the Food Innovation Centre in Reggio Emilia, Italy, is a project that consists of an International Master’s degree in Food Innovation founded by the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Institute for ‘The Future of Palo Alto’ and the Future Food Institute of Bologna, with sponsorship being provided by Reggio Emilia City Council, the Reggio Emilia Regional Council and EXPO2015.


Twenty talented students from Kenya, Congo, Zimbabwe, Canada, USA, UK, Brazil, Mexico and Italy will work on developing radical innovations in the food sector, under the guidance of academics, entrepreneurs and the most important international experimenters on food (and the processes linked to its production, transformation and consumption). Balanced between tradition and new technologies, the students will follow a master’s course packed full of event, many of which open to the public (
Smeg is the technical sponsor of the project.
The Italian company, famous for its kitchen appliances, shares with the Food Innovation Program the approaches to change and the fact of considering it fundamental to make it the subject of education at the highest levels: an innovative vision on the theme of food. Which starts out from local to become global, mixing hybrid and transversal flavours in time through the household appliances that will be used to bring them to life.