PWC: 37% of CEOs in the world expect economic recovery


According to PwC Annual Global CEO survey, at a global level, 37% of CEOs expect economic recovery in 2015 (vs. 44% in 2014), while 17% expect a decline in economic growth, more than double from a year ago (7%). The CEOs of emerging economies such as India (59%), China (46%) and Mexico (42%) are more optimistic than those operating in developed economies such as the US (29%) and Germany (33%).

Despite the negative outlook on the global economy, 39% of CEOs globally remains confident in the growth of their companies to 12 months.
India leads the ranking, with 62% of CEOs very confident in their growth prospects in the short term, followed by Mexico (50%), the US (46%), Australia (43%), the UK and South Africa (39 %), China (36%), Germany (35%) and Brazil (30%). The countries where confidence is lower are France (23%), Venezuela (22%), Argentina (17%) and, at the bottom of the standings, Russia with 16% of CEOs who looks with great optimism in revenue growth during 2015: a sharp decline from 53% of the last year, when the Russians CEO were the most confident in the world.
20% of Italians are very confident in the growth of revenues in 2015.