SMALVIC: Mirror 90×48, the smart oven


Smart, advanced , easy to use. This is Mirror 90×48, the big size oven by Smalvic, that combines a sophisticated design with technological performances. It features a glass tempered-bevelled mirror surface with two bands of stainless steel, material also used for the opening handle, that give the product an elegant, rigorous and very linear impact. The oven has a 71 litres cavity and features 10 functions including thawing and warming.

Mirror 90x48 oven by Smalvic
Mirror 90×48 oven by Smalvic

Programming is fully electronic, activated by a touch-control display, on the right side, to make easier to select the options and typing functions. The display contains a number of pre-set cooking programs and allows space for new.
Smalvic is a typical Italian company, specialized in the production and marketing of ovens, hobs, freestanding cookers and other custom products for the kitchen, with headquarters in Sarcedo in the North-East of Italy.