CECED founding member of Ingress

Paolo Falcioni, Ceced Director General
Paolo Falcioni, Ceced Director General

European standardisation system is an item of great importance in Ceced’s (European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers) activity.
The Committee is, in fact, one of the founding member of the Industry Group on European Standardisation Strategy (Ingress) that came into being on 24th March 2015.
Ingress is a multi-stakeholder platform created to ensure the effective involvement of the industrial sector in the process set-up under EU Standardisation Regulation 1025/2012/EU. It will, inter alia, advocate for the development of market-relevant standards.
«The European Standardisation System – explained Ceced Director General, Paolo Falcioni – has always been of core interest for Ceced. Our Committee is a cooperating partner of the European Committee for Electroctechnical Standardisation (Cenelec) and representatives of Ceced’s members take an active part in developing standards at national and European level with the aim of making available harmonised standards providing presumption of conformity to support EU legislation.»