ELECTROLUX: more efficiency with modularisation

Keith McLoughlin, president and ceo of Electrolux
Keith McLoughlin, president and ceo of Electrolux

Electrolux is using motor industry ideas to cut costs and give it the flexibility to succeed in a fiercely competitive home appliances business. This is what has been reported by Reuters, that published also some declarations of Keith McLoughlin, president and ceo of the Swedish Group, that is now using modularisation, a motor industry technique that has come late to home appliances, and Electrolux has recruited from the likes of Volkswagen AG.
«This is a concept in automotive that has been going on for a while» – said McLoughlin – «We hired the lead people from Volkswagen around modularisation, and that source of getting the global operations productivity is a very important part of where we are today.»
Modularisation aims to reduce complexity, allowing manufacturers to raise the number of components common to a range of products. This cuts purchasing and labour costs, while making product development easier and faster.