Making pizza at home with FULGOR MILANO

Pizza Oven (SPO 6213 P TC X) by Fulgor Milano
Pizza Oven (SPO 6213 P TC X) by Fulgor Milano

A practical solution to taste a very special Italian pizza at home is Fulgor Milano Pizza Oven (SPO 6213 P TC X). It is a multifunctional oven that includes an innovative pizza function for professional pizza-making at home.
The pizza icon on the oven’s control panel preheats the oven to a temperature of 350° C  – equal to that of a professional pizzeria’s wood-burning oven – to bake 2 pizzas in 2 and a half minutes.
The door stays cool despite this high baking temperature thanks to 4 layers of insulating glass and a forced air cooling system.
The Fulgor Milano pizza oven has a refractory plate to allow hot air to pass between its two sides, ensuring even heat distribution and even cooking of different parts of the pizza.
The oven is supplied with a round perforated grill which ensures that heat gets to the bottom side of the pizza and moisture does not condense on the dough.
Designed specifically for cooking dressed foods such as pizzas, the oven is self-cleaning with pyrolytic technology.