GfK: 40% of consumers compare prices in store


GfK-Infographic-Mobile-in-Retail-Total[1]According to a survey by GfK the comparison of prices in store has become an increasingly common practice in the world. An activity that already involves more than 50% of Korean consumers, Turkish and Chinese, and 40-45% of the Brazilians, Mexicans and Argentines.
Also in Europe, however, it is already widespread habit, practiced by 39% of Italians, 36% of Spanish, 30% of Swedes, by about 25% of the French and Germans, and by 27 of the English people.
But prices comparison is not the only activity people do using the smartphone inside the shop.
40% of the panel interviewed by GfK, in fact, also contact friends and family for advice on products and services.
In 36% of cases, consumers photograph the items of interest and 29% take photos of promotional messages and advertising. The strategies of retailers must therefore take account of these processes, carefully adapting tools and offer in store.