SkyLift by Faber: the first hood integrated in the ceiling


SKYLIFT_AMBIENTE_low (640x452)SkyLift is the innovative hood by Faber, completely integrated in the ceiling. This new product is equipped with 4 thin steel cables, that make the hood come down on the hob only when necessary and go back when it is no longer in operation. This is possible thanks to the “Up & Down” technology by Faber. SkyLift is made of white glass and steel and has a very clean and elegant design. It is totally integrated in the ceiling and very easy to use: with a remote control, it approaches the hob at the desired height, while maintaining high performance in terms of aspiration and lighting. It is equipped with two powerful LED bars, inserted into the lower surface, with a power consumption of only 7 watts. The radial engine with extremely small dimensions, ensures high performance and low noise.