Creative LIFT: the innovation by Fulgor Milano


FulgorFulgor-Milano’s Creative Lift oven is an exclusive vertical oven that may be hidden in the kitchen counter when not in use, raised and lowered using the patented motor-driven LIFT system.
It can ensure great performances, occupying a compact space, 40 cm deep inside the kitchen cabinets, with a stainless steel oven compartment and independent halogen lighting.
The display is equipped with touch controls offering 12 different cooking functions, including “bread” and “pizza” options and an exclusive “salamander” function (up to 70° C) for keeping food hot while you open the oven to check on it, and grilling with the oven door either open or closed.
Lift also present crush prevention sensors to guarantee safety when opening and closing the oven. The product also offers a complete set of features: a cooling fan, a residual heat indicator light, and a sensor for locking functions; accessories include 3 levels of fully removable telescopic guides and 3 tempered glass trays which can easily be washed in the dishwasher.
It is available with a stainless steel or black or white glass top.