Buying with App: the new shopping trend


According to Net Retail, a survey periodically conducted by Netcomm and Human Highway, last year only in Italy 100 million of new shopping experiences on-line occurred. Overall the increase compared to 2013 was 24.2%, with a parallel increase of regular Internet buyers of 23.4%. But not only, in the second half of the year, 23% of the interviewed people have used for their purchases an App on a mobile device.

Roberto Liscia, President of Netcomm
Roberto Liscia, President of Netcomm

“The shopping experience with App is spreading with an impressive speed – says Roberto Liscia, President of Netcomm. During three months, the proportion of buyers from the App of the total on-line buyers rose from 20% to 23%. It is a very interesting segment of consumers to be detected, because they buy with an higher budget than the average and with a greater frequency. The smartphone comes, then, as a hinge connecting the two worlds and is in effect the real new place of purchase, regardless of the presence or absence of buyer and the merchant. ”
It is therefore a development in the evolution of electronic commerce, which continues to introduce new ways to make use of its services.