HAIER ranked as number one global major appliances brand


Haier announced with satisfaction that, according to the latest data released by Euromonitor International, on December 31st, 2014, it was ranked again as the number one global major appliances brand with 10.2% retail volume market share in 2014. Euromonitor International is one of the leader among the independent providers of business intelligence on industries, countries, companies, and consumers. This is the sixth consecutive year that Haier has been rated as the top of the Top Euromonitor global major appliances brands and the first time that Haier’s global retail sales has reached double digits. Haier also tops Euromonitor International’s ranking in three product categories including refrigeration appliances, home laundry appliances and electrical wine cooler/chiller.


During the last year, Haier has proposed several new appliances concepts to respond to the Smart Home. Haier’s “Smart Home” refers to the digitalized operation based on the understanding of and interacting with users. On Haier’s user-oriented big data platform about, the data tags on users’ interests/likes, brand preferences, buying intentions are numbered in billions, help generate clear user picture and clearly analyzes user needs to drive business innovation. What’s more, Haier’s smart household appliances such as the Air Rubik, “No Need to Be Cleaned” washing machines, Smart window refrigerators and SKFR series air-conditioners have represented the concrete implementation of Haier’s “Smart Home” strategy.