Nielsen: emotion and responsibility make the consumer loyal


11 dic. 2014Emotional communication and corporate social responsibility are, according with Nielsen analysis, among the factors that more and more consumers take in consideration, selecting brands and products.
Sustainable behavior and environment respect are among the most heartfelt values. But, while in Asia, Latin America and Middle East / Africa, consumers are willing to share this effort by agreeing to contribute economically, Europe and North America require manufacturers to remedy their impact without affecting products prices. Young people are the most sensitive to the matter, especially in Asia and Middle East / Africa, where they feel able to change the course of economic and social development of their country more than the generations that preceded them.
The index of consumer confidence provides other important information on the ability of people  spending. Currently, Nielsen specifies, families in North America, where credit cards are very common, are the most likely to spend, despite their confidence is lower than in Asia where money saving is a strong trend.
The purchase is often a personal gratification and a way to try something new: the more eager for novelty are Asians. In this region the ‘input’ of the western producers often create the ideal conditions to feed the thirst for novelty.