ELICA: a better air in the house, all over the world

Francesco Casoli, president of Elica
Francesco Casoli, president of Elica

Finding new technologies improving the air quality. This is the mission of Elica which, since its foundation in 1970, has been developing innovative products, anticipating trends and responding to specific requests of the many international markets in which the company operates. Having conquered the channel of furniture makers and kitchens retailers in the high-end market, today Elica enters in the retail channel with Marie, an innovative fragrance diffuser, protagonist of a communication campaign, that will be presented on Thursday 27th November (7.00 pm) at the company showroom in Milan, via Pontaccio 8.

Francesco Casoli, president of Elica, explains to Home Appliances World the new projects of his company.

Could you describe Marie?
Our business, as manufacturers of hoods, is based on the treatment and care of the air. Marie, our new smart fragrance diffuser, is the natural continuation of our mission to find solutions that will improve even more the quality, not only in the kitchen but also in other areas of the house. This product, in fact, is wireless and can be easily transported from room to room. It works in manual mode and can be connected to wi-fi network at home, thus making it communicate with other appliances. It can be connected to certain models of Elica hoods, thus receiving automatic preset controls.

Through which channels will you distribute Marie?
With Marie, Elica, brand which has established itself amongst the manufacturers and suppliers of kitchens, goes into the large-scale distribution. With the right humility, we want to penetrate this channel, offering an exclusive item, new and fresh, giving the trade the opportunity to maintain a constant contact with the end user, thanks to the capsules used by the device, which must be periodically replaced and re-purchased in the store.

There will be a distribution of Marie abroad? In which countries and through which channels?
In this first phase we will focused on Italy, France, Spain and Russia. We are making agreements in England too. Even abroad our fragrance diffuser will be marketed through large retailers.

Would you describe your offer in Italy and abroad?
To meet the many and varied requirements of local markets, our catalog has come to include 2,400 models. Our effort is to really respond to the needs of all cultures. Every nation, in fact, cooks in a different way and needs a distinct kind of hood. Think about the differences that exist between the preparation of an American barbecue and that of a Japanese sushi. Think about German cuisine and the Indian culture. They are completely peculiar situations, that we must well know, working on site, in order to give an appropriate response to local consumers.

What are the strategic countries for Elica and the most interesting ones for the future?
North America, UK, China, India and Japan are currently the most promising areas for us. Germany remains an attractive market, while Spain is waking up. We are entering in France with good expectations.