Home delivery as strategic tool


logisticaDelivery service is a very strategic element, especially for e-commerce market. And it is much more critic in the major appliances on-line sale. That is why nowadays many companies offer what is called qualified home delivery (QHD), that is a mix of services included in the home delivery.
According to a market analysis conducted by B&P Consulting, operators of the appliances sector consider it a very strategic element for the success of their business.
The survey starts with a collection of opinions and information about the services of qualified home delivery of big products. These services include home delivery; installing of the product with a short explanation of the functional characteristics; simultaneous withdrawal of Weee; added-value services (electronic payment at the address, delivery notes in close proximity…); instantaneous measurement of customer feedback; scheduled deliveries. The areas surveyed were: appliance manufacturers, consumer electronics, printing, retailers, e-commerce-pure player. The panel includes for each segment a group of companies that generate 80% of the volume of their own sector, including interviews with CEOs, general managers, chief of logistics and operations.
The results show, first, the awareness by the player of the home appliances and consumer electronics of the importance of qualified logistics, which many have already activated. 60% of the home appliances companies and 50% of those of consumer electronics already offer QHD services to their customers. In both sectors, 20% of the companies are planning to make them available within a year. 70% of the domestic appliance manufacturers and 60% of those of consumer electronics consider these services as differentiators in the market.