A new way of cooking with Whirlpool advanced premium range


Open-Propped_1175X1290_P140087_31[1]Whirlpool has introduced its sleek new Premium Slide-In Electric and Gas Ranges, to help in the kitchen by cutting preheat time. To reduce cooking preparation steps, the new slide-in range features Frozen Bake technology that skips the preheat and cooks frozen favorites faster. Whirlpool brand’s new range, available as electric or gas, boasts true convection cooking that helps seal in flavor and juices with perfect results in less time than non-convection ovens.
When it comes to getting the right range, space can often be an issue. That’s why the range’s flexible installation FIT system design allows it to fit in both slide-in or freestanding existing kitchen cutout spaces, without remodeling. Although this full-depth range slides seamlessly into almost any countertop cutout, it is also designed with finished sides for a premium look in any standalone space. The new Whirlpool range features several plusses, such as: 6.2 cubic feet (cu ft) capacity in the electric range, so the oven can handle meals for any family gathering, whether that’s every night or for special occasions. The gas range allows families to cook multiple meals at once, with 5.8 cu ft capacity. The new line of products also features Whirlpool brand’s most energy efficient self-cleaning cycle with AquaLift self-cleaning technology to help wipe away messes in only 50 minutes, without harsh chemical odors. The 6.2 cu ft Premium Slide-In Electric Range with True Convection (WEE760H0D) and 5.8 cu ft Premium Slide-In Gas Range (WEG760H0D) is now available on-line and in-store at retailers nationwide in white ice, stainless steel and black ice.