Web-to-store European trend


22 ottobre 14The shopping digitalization is an established habit in all the European areas, from East to West.
At the end of 2013, according to a specific study by Findomestic Observatory, 68% of Europeans already held a laptop, while smartphone was owned by 42% of people. The tablet, held by 19%, but with double-digit growth rates, shows a gap between East and West, with a bigger diffusion in the latter. So, the importance of Internet for the whole shopping experience is now involving all the Continent and not only the most developed or rich countries. 70% of Europeans regularly look for information and discounts on-line, and then go to a physical store. The Internet success is also due to the greater achieved confidence, compared to few years ago, regarding the security of payment, logistics and the after-sales service. The brands websites are the favorite of 62% of Europeans, while 41% of people in the Continent use a web price comparator in a physical store. The success of the most visited and used websites are essentially based on the big choice they offer in terms of brands, products and prices. The Findomestic study underlines that this is particularly evident in the home appliances sector, that shows a great attention to the offer and to the customer satisfaction.