Another big brand for Frigo 2000


2 otto. 2014V-Zug, Swiss leader in kitchen and washing appliances production has recently become part of the portfolio of brands distributed by Frigo 2000, which has so expanded its rich offer. For more than 30 years, in fact, the company has been distributing top quality refrigerators and other appliances manufactured by leading producers in the world: from the prestigious American GE and Sub-Zero refrigerators, to Wolf cooking appliances, up to Bora innovative products for fume extraction.
With the arrival of V-Zug, Frigo 2000 adds to its range some new products for cooking, such as the steam oven, segment in which the Swiss company is a leader for technology and performance.
Bringing innovation to the consumers life, improving their health and comfort, has always been the mission of Frigo 2000, which has promoted important information also about food conservation.
The latest product arrived in the company catalog is Top-Brewer, the tap from the worktop from which, with any phone or tablet, it is possible to customize the preparation of espresso, cappuccino, hot milk, cold milk, cold water, hot water, gas water and much more.