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Made-in-Italy to be exported. A brand that has dedicated its whole production to the innovative technology for the food storage and cooking.

Francesca Cancellier, Besser Vacuum head of marketing and export
Francesca Cancellier, Besser Vacuum head of marketing and export

Two generations of the same family have been working for over two decades in the Besser Vacuum. The company, which is headquartered in Friuli, manufactures products for the vacuum food packaging and vacuum cooking.  Everything happens in the plant at Dignano, in the province of Udine, from which, today, products reach 60 countries. To strengthen more and more its presence in the world, in recent years Besser Vacuum opened a branch in Mexico, an office in Hong Kong and a new showroom in India. The next step will be strengthening the company presence in the United States, where it recently opened an agency.

Francesca Cancellier, head of marketing and export

Tradition and innovation: how do they live together in your mission?
The company has a family imprint, having being managed by the same family for about twenty years. Inside it, the first and second generation cohabit; we try to keep intact the principles of quality and craftsmanship that gave birth to the company and made it flourish. Of course it is necessary to keep pace with the times, and so, over time, some processes have been automated, new productive sectors were born, and we invested in international certifications and in the opening of new markets.

Has the balance between these two components led to specific measures in terms of productive organization?
An advantage of our company has always been flexibility: many of our employees have been trained to be able to perform different tasks in the production, which allows us to modify the organization, according to the needs of the market and production peaks. Besides, we work with freelancers and professionals in design and graphics field, which cooperate with us especially in the context of technological innovation and design, because a machine has to be functional but also pleasing to see.

How do you manage to intercept or anticipate new trends in demand?
The fact that we travel a lot, participate at trade fairs and international events, being present almost all over the world, allows us to study the market and the needs of our customers, both ordinary and potential, to try not only to respond to a real demand but also to foresee what will be the new trends in our sector.

What tools allow you to meet the specific needs of a buyer?
The wide range of products, different in price and features.

Which positioning do you intend to pursue in the future?
As a company that produces 100% in Italy, with Italian and high quality components, we want to maintain a positioning fit to our target, that is which of the people who are looking for a quality product, with a competitive price, and that easily understand the difference between our product and an imported one from Asia or Eastern Europe.

Are the international certifications an opportunity to reaffirm the intrinsic value of your production?
Absolutely yes: all our machines are CE certified with laboratory tests, unlike many of our competitors, which simply “self-certify” the machines, without any guarantee that they are really up to standard. We are also investing very much in certification for the North American market and we are confident that, with this choice, we will have significant opportunities in that area.

What does the expression “Made-in-Italy” suggest to you nowadays?
I would like it suggests to me the idea that if I buy a product, it is actually 100% manufactured in Italy,  just like we do. Unfortunately, a large part of the “made-in-Italy” products that are currently on the market have, instead, a small part of local assembly while most of the components and processes are made ​​abroad.  I believe it is a scam toward the consumer, who should at least know in what percentage the product is actually Italian.

What characteristics allow a national product to stand out in the global market?
They should be the quality and the craftsmanship, understood as attention and care to the construction stages, and also the design, of which Italy is without a doubt a great exponent.  Fortunately, our field is closely related to the food sector, of which Italy is one of the greatest representative countries in the world. So, to convey the idea that our products are symbol of quality and technology is not a complex step.

How can they represent an added value for a buyer who invests in an Italian brand?
It is evident that the above characteristics are an advantage for the buyer.  But the Italian companies, compared with the Asian ones, for example, also have a valuable advantage in the after sales service, that, instead, Asians do not have. The response speed and efficiency are certainly a key element to consider in the purchasing phase, and that, at the present moment, can be guaranteed only by our national companies.

Do you think it would be desirable a stronger synergy among producers to strengthen the made-in-Italy in the world?
We already have several fruitful collaborations with Italian companies in the field of food machineries, especially in the professional sector.  It would be desirable that this synergy could also be replicated in the domestic field, sharing production and sales objectives.

Francesca Cancellier, head of marketing and export
"I graduated at the Ca’'Foscari University in Venice. After a master in marketing and several study and work experiences abroad, I joined the company in the role of head of marketing and export. At the time, the target market of Besser Vacuum was almost exclusively Italian, so my main goal was to expand the brand and export our products abroad. In ten years, my co-workers and me have contributed to make Besser Vacuum acquire a significant market share in the field of vacuum all over the world and we continue effectively to promote our company with numerous marketing activities in Italy and abroad " .
A constant growth
_MG_5146Born from a great experience in the sector, Besser Vacuum from Dignano (Udine), produces and distributes worldwide a wide range of machinery and equipment for the food industry and professional catering, specifically dedicated to vacuum packaging and to the innovative vacuum cooking. The company, established for many years in the Italian market, has also being active in Europe and the rest of the world for ten years, with a current presence in about 60 countries. The abroad marketing and promotion activity continues to increase the presence of Besser Vacuum in areas with a high rate of growth such as Asia and Latin America, thanks to important investments and projects, as well as the opening of new facilities in Mexico, India, USA and Hong Kong.
Professionalism in the kitchen
The Italian company is focused on the combination of packaging and bags for vacuum cooking. This technology is already widespread in the professional field: the strategy is to propose the concept even for home use, with household appliances specifically designed for this type of cooking and storage.
Silhouette vacuum machine
Silhouette vacuum machine
The flagship model is Silhouette, which allows to package food and recipes in the appropriate envelopes for the cooking, which are then preserved or cooked by steam or water bath, in order to enhance the organoleptic properties and food flavor, and avoiding to add fats. Therefore, allowing people to keep slim.<a