RGV: when professionalism is inscribed in the Dna


Products designed for insiders, but with a great appeal for the consumer and entirely manufactured in Italy.

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Rgv is based at Cermenate, not far from the famous Como Lake. For 32 years it has been manufacturing slicers and other products for kitchen and catering which stand out for a specific characteristic: they are conceived for the professional world and are adapted for the consumer market. In this way, the end user can benefit of a “transfer” of technology that transmit him a feeling of comfort, safety and ease of use.

Marco Leo, Rgv commercial director


Marco Leo, Rgv commercial director
Marco Leo, Rgv commercial director


Tradition and innovation: how do they live together in your mission?

Our company was born in the mid-Eighties by the union of two great professional experiences, technical planning and commercial, with a clear reference to the marketing needs. This approach has given to our collection a precise productive orientation. Our slicers are equipped with high technology to get functionality, ease of use, cleaning and maintenance.

Has the balance between these two components led to specific measures in terms of productive organization?

Our collection is always looking forward. The tradition materializes, at a productive level, maintaining high quality standards, using only made-in-Italy materials and working with suppliers and employees who have been working with us for almost 30 years. The innovation is expressed in the development of new products with a more and more appealing design, but maintaining practicality and functionality, in the search for new materials and also paying more attention to the environment.

How do you manage to intercept or anticipate new trends in demand?

We are manufacturers of both professional and domestic slicers. We stand out thanks to the excellent value for money. Quality comes from the know-how of our professional range distributed in the Horeca channel. The professional slicers are subject to specific regulations, with different engines classes and sizes, but quality is the same: in this way, the consumer enjoys the same performance of the professional user. Over time, all models lines have been revised to make them even more attractive and to facilitate daily cleaning.

What tools allow you to meet the specific needs of a buyer?

Rgv has customers and suppliers all over the world. It is open to globalization and makes of quality and “made in Italy” experience the trump card to compete in world markets.

Which positioning do you intend to pursue in the future?

Rgv is a company that offers a niche product and, all the time, it has decided to invest in the quality and in the widening of the professional range, adapted to the domestic market. We do not expect an immediate result, we are able to invest for the future. Our policy is that of the “step by step”, one product at a time to conquer the market without disrupting the business flows.

Are the international certifications an opportunity to reaffirm the intrinsic value of your production?

No doubt. Our slicers meet the safety and hygiene requirements and are supplied with Tuv Gs, Ce, Nsf, Etl and Gost certifications. This has allowed the company a strong growth in many countries of the world.

What does the expression “Made-in-Italy” suggest to you nowadays?

It is an important plus of which the market often cannot fully grasp the meaning. This value pays over time, rather than in the short term. It has been the main reason for our success in the domestic channel, transmitted by word of mouth, which is still our main marketing vehicle. What characteristics allow a national product to stand out in the global market? Our product is branded Rgv Made in Italy. The quality of the components we used, the Italian design and the Italian craftsmanship, that have always characterized our brand, allow us to be a little reality from Como, worldwide recognized.

How can they represent an added value for a buyer who invests in an Italian brand?

Our slicers differ very much in size, blade, cutting capacity and price and this allows each one to have a strength on the basis of the requirements of the different end-users. Therefore, the strengths of the Rgv slicers can be summarized in the made in Italy, in the interesting value for money and in the maniacal accuracy even for the smallest details. Three factors that have rewarded us over time, and that go on rewarding us even in times like these we are living, characterized by a deep economic crisis.

Do you think it would be desirable a stronger synergy among producers to strengthen the made-in-Italy in the world?

Of course, the collaboration among Italian producers would only bring benefits to the made-in-Italy in the world. And this is a bit also our company policy: our machines are manufactured in the Cermenate plant but the various components come from other Italian producers with whom we have a relationship of mutual cooperation for years.

Thirty years have passed
In 1982, Giorgio Vitali and Roberto Gobbi decided to found Rgv, starting from a small settlement at Fino Mornasco, near Como. The company grew and in 2012 it crossed the symbolic milestone of thirty years of activity. Plants and offices are currently located in Cermenate, always near the city of Como, on an area of 8,000 square meters. Here 60 people work, including employees and consultants. Export accounts for 40% of turnover; particularly important volumes are produced in France, Russia, the Middle East, South America and Australia. Today Rgv produces slicers for professional and domestic use, and it markets barbecue, cooking plates, juicers, ice-crushers and other catering equipment. These products are designed for professional use but also adapted to the domestic market.
Special care for any details
Selection of materials and special construction measures characterize Rgv production. It is the case of the slicers Kelly and Lusso 25 GS of the Gravity series. The first can have a blade of 350 or 370 millimeters and is made with titrated aluminum alloy protected by anodic oxidation. Slidings are secured by watertight ball-bearings, on self-lubricating bushings. The Poly V belt drive is self-adjusting. A security system blocks the sailing when the plate is removed. The maximum cutting thickness is of 22 mm. Box and pulley have a watertight closure. The second stands out for the base in cast lacquered aluminum. The blade cover, food-tray, press goods and bulkhead of slice regulation are made in aluminum with polished anodic oxidation. The shaft holding the blade is mounted on a double ball-bearing. The motor is a professional ventilated type. The professional, tempered blade is ground hard chromium-plated. There is also a fixed ring for the blade protection. The cutting thickness reaches 15 millimeters.